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Hair Cutting

Here at Port Place Hair Spa, we've Removed Gender from our Services so you won't See Ladies and Men's cuts because we believe in being a Trans-Inclusive Safe space 

Bang Trim

Simple Trim on the Bang.


Buzzcut/Thin Hair

Buzzcut one length all over with Clippers and or traditional Short hair cuts on thinning hair


Kids 12 and Under

Kids under the age of 12 and under for hair cuts only Shampoo and Styling is Extra


Basic Cut

Short or basic cut or non-complex styles


Senior Hair Cut

Clients over 65.


Complex Cut and Shampoo + Blowout

A full-service Long or complex Haircut including the Shampoo and Blowout.


Complex Hair Cut

A long Haircut is a complex style on long or short hair


Free Chemo BuzzCut

At Port Place Hair Spa we offer Free Buzzcuts for Chemo Patients



Hair Tattoo

Designs Shaved into the shaved sides



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