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Covid & Safety


At Port Place Hair Spa we understand that sanitization is a major concern in our industry, it is imperative that our standards are at the highest level for the health and safety of our guests and employees.

So we Practice the most stringent hygiene and sanitization standards and practices, going well above and beyond the government regulations. Outlined below are a few of our polices and practices:

In General: 

When entering the Salon and Spa we require a few things, Masks are optional (we will provide a mask for a fee of $1.00),  Please do not touch the hair products if you need a product let the stylist know and they can prescript what is best for you if your not sure what to get. Please arrive on time for your appointment when your running late it puts us behind for the next client as we have to sanitize the stations and tools. K Walking in to book an appointment is welcomed but only if we have a staff member free to assist you We ask all clients to use the provided hand sanitizer at the front desk.


In the Salon:

We use medical grade sterilizer and disinfectant (Accel) on our scissors, clippers, tools and brushes. We also have daily and weekly sanitization standards in place for all areas of the building.


In the Spa:

We never double dip our wax or sugar! We use disposable, one-time-use bamboo sticks to retrieve wax from the pot, which diminishes the opportunity for bacteria to grow.

Stainless steel implements are scrubbed, disinfected, and sterilized with medical grade sterilizer and disinfectant (Accel).

We never reuse anything that cannot be sterilized such as orangewood sticks and buffer blocks.

Gloves are worn by estheticians for pedicures and certain waxing and facial procedures.

One time use paper is used on our beds during hair removal services.

Pedicure basins are scrubbed and soaked with medical grade disinfectant and sterilizer after each use.

We do not have “Spa Chairs”. Spa chairs and whirlpool-type footbaths are a breeding ground for Mycobacterium fortuitum, which is a fast-growing bacteria that cause boils and scarring on the legs.

These rules may change as time progresses without notice.

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